Prophet Marlon DeWayne (GOLDIE) Griffin is married to Gwendolyn J. Griffin Prophet Griffin was born December 11,1959 to the Late Councilman C. B. Griffin & Fannie J. Griffin in Macon Georgia. The Family moved to Jacksonville Florida where Prophet Griffin was educated in the Duval County School System Graduated from Jean Ribault SR High School in 1977 finishing in the Top 100 of Prophet Griffin's Class. From there Prophet Griffin would attend Newberry College in Newberry South Carolina after attending  Newberry Prophet Griffin transferred back home to Florida Community College in Jacksonville Florida for further studies. In 1982 Prophet Griffin would enter into the United States Air Force where He played Football Prophet Griffin server 4 years and was Honorably Discharged in February 1986 after being released Prophet Griffin would receive V.A. Disability Prophet Griffin would also Work at the United States Postal Service .

Prophet Griffin accepted Jesus Christ at the early age of 8 at the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church under the Leadership of Pastor Smith. Prophet Griffin would after many life experiences find Himself on a road to Damascus and confronted by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ saying it's time to acknowledge the calling that was placed on Prophet Griffin's Life So in December 1992 in the privacy of Prophet Griffin's home He rededicated his life back to Jesus Christ The Public Confession and rededication would take place January 30,1993 at the First Timothy Baptist Church under the Leadership of Fred Newbill. Prophet Griffin would be standing on the grounds of First Timothy when he would hear a Voice and saw a Vision of what to do hence MARLON GRIFFIN MINISTRY INC was Founded The Lord gave Prophet Griffin the Vision for the Ministry we now know by this theme THE MINISTRY IS BUILT ON GRACE FOUNDED ON MERCY WALK BY FAITH AND LIVE BY PRAYER since that night Prophet Griffin's life would and has never been the same. Under the direction of God Prophet Griffin moved to Everlasting Love Church in Jacksonville Florida under the Leadership of Pastor Reginald Way where Prophet Griffin was Licensed and Ordained as The Prophet of God on August 15, 1996  from there while listening to the Voice of God Prophet Griffin was released to moved to Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church under the Leadership of Darrell L Gilyard where Prophet Griffin served as one of the Youth Pastors from there Prophet Griffin would he the Voice of God it's time to go and Prophet Griffin would move to the Friendship Baptist Church in Yulee Florida under the Leadership of Pastor William Holmes where Prophet Griffin was called to be the Youth Pastor While walking in the call of God Prophet Griffin would meet a man of God that would forever change Prophet Griffin's life Pastor Bernard Thompson would lead and guide him the two of them would travel up and down the highway preaching the gospel together and it was during this time Prophet Griffin would get the call to be the Youth Pastor at the Revelation House of Prayer in Jacksonville Florida under the Leadership of Pastor Grady Dicks and Prophet Griffin served until July of 1999 That's when Prophet Griffin would  see just how much God truly trust Him when He would use Prophet Griffin to help a dying Church live Prophet Griffin would be called to Pastor the All Denomination Church of Jesus Christ in Jacksonville Florida and God would through Prophet Griffin cause the dry bones to live again and Prophet Griffin would remain until March of 2001 that when Prophet Griffin would then focus on Marlon Griffin Ministry Inc. Prophet Griffin would travel up and down the highway alone preaching the gospel while doing this there would be something truly missing even after preaching his Grand Father James Hodge Home Going  in 2000 and even in 2002 after preaching his own Father Councilman C. B. Griffin there was a deep yearning and a deep hunger placed in Prophet Griffin Heart for a true Spiritual Father  so after all the lost God made Prophet Griffin a Spiritual Father to many across the world all of this was done in order for Prophet Griffin to receive Bishop Rufus Harris Pastor of the Temple Of Jesus And The Holy Ghost as His Spiritual Father. God was preparing Prophet Griffin for something big that's when Bishop Anderson of the Blood of Judah in Daren Georgia were Prophet Griffin would called the Prophet of The House until September 2007 that's when  God would make the move of a Life Time when God would send Prophet Griffin 884 mile from family and friends to Baytown Texas  then to Mont Belvieu, Texas where Prophet Griffin met His wife Gwen Prophet Griffin not know much about the area asked her about a Pastor that could truly Father Him and she took him to Anahuac to Sunlight Baptist Church under the Leadership of  Late Pastor Nathan Levergne (Nate) Carey the day Prophet Griffin walked in He was told to Preach the two would form a bond that would fill the void Prophet Griffin was feeling Pastor Carey would adopt Prophet Griffin as not only a Spiritual Son abut as a Natural Son and Pastor and Sister Carey would forever change Prophet and Sister Griffin life forever as we know it Prophet Griffin would through out his life in ministry Prophet Griffin has continually strived to educate himself in Theology and Circular World Almeda University where Prophet Griffin received a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice as well as a Master and a Doctorate  and  2 PHD's  Also Graduated from Glendale University where Prophet Griffin received a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and a Master Degree as well as a Doctorate and PHD Prophet Griffin also received a Bachelor Degree in Divinity and a Master Degree in Divinity as well as a PHD  Prophet Griffin also received a Master Degree in Pastoral Counseling as well as a Doctorate and PHD Prophet Griffin also received a PHD in Biblical Theology.

But the most significant area of development has been the Spiritual growth and strengthening of Prophet Griffin Ministry and Marriage by the Power of Gods Holy Spirit. Prophet Griffin believes in the Mandate that God has given him to continue to promote MARLON GRIFFIN MINISTRY INC and THE GRACE AND MERCY MISSIONARY TEMPLE INC. and it is Prophet Griffin deepest prayer that is to always Hear The Voice of God and do whatever God has Spoken to him no matter what the cost. and to use the Gift of His Prophetic Office to Lead Souls to Salvation through Jesus Christ Heal the Sick, Deliver and Set the Captives Free by the Power of The Name and Blood of Jesus Christ. Prophet Marlon DeWayne (GOLDIE) Griffin is Truly a Man with a Vision Anointed by God to Speak without Fear of what people might say are who might Dislike Prophet Griffin He is a Man that Walks By Faith and Stands on The Word of God no matter What it might cost him.      



 A CHURCH FOUNDED ON THE WORD OF GOD BUILT ON LOVE WALK BY FAITH AND LIVE BY THE STATEMENT  EVERYBODY IS SOMEBODY AND FOCUSED ON TRULY BEING A BIBLE BASED CHURCH. HEBREW4:16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.